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In August of 2013, Bob Baker, who graduated from New Richmond High School Class of '62, approached several community leaders to explore the possibility of establishing a community theater in the Village.  Seeing the interest was there, a meeting was called and a board was elected.  

Bringing the best of community theater to southern Ohio . . .

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What's Next for RiverStage?

We are holding auditions for "The Swiss Family Robinson", a family show with a comedic bent
AUDITIONS: Sunday, July 23, 2-5pm, and Tuesday, July 25, 7-9pm
LOCATION: Market Street School Auditorium,

212 Market Street, New Richmond, OH 45157
Cold readings.  Bring any schedule conflicts with you. 

Resumes and head shots appreciated. 
Additional information call 513-543-9149.
PERFORMANCE DATES: October 13, 14, 19, 20, 21

at 7:30pm and October 15 at 2:30pm.
DIRECTED BY: Cathy Roesener
Inspired by the book by Johann David Wyss.

Adapted for Renaissance Theatre by Ann Swanson. 

Adaptation revised by Gayl Miller & Bob Baker. 
Setting : Late 1880's on an unmapped tropical island.
Cast Needed:
Reverend John Robinson; (m) 40ish; a minister-turned-missionary
Elizabeth Robinson: (f)  late 30's, wife and mother
Fritz Robinson: (m)  17 years old, responsible and reliable
Ernest Robinson; (m) 13-16 years old; gregarious and fun-loving
Jack Robinson;  (m) 11 years old, a bookworm and artist
Francine Robinson; (f)  8 years old, a tomboy
Jennifer Montrose;  (f) 16 years old, survived alone on the island for over a year
Captain James Littleton; (m) 30's-40's; commander of British ship

Captain Bloodworth; (m)  Pirate captain, educated but ruthless
Pirate #1 
Pirate #2
Also needed are behind the scenes volunteers.

                                      In 2016 we were excited to                                                     make our first appearance at                                                   OCTAFest in Hamilton, Ohio, in June,                                       where we performed an excerpt from                                       our 2015 Christmas show, It's a Wonderful Life.

Learn more about OCTAFest and our inaugural participation at cincinnati.com's Community Share Pages, and on our 'In the Media' page.

AUDITIONS for Swiss FamilyRobinson, a family show with a comedic bent

Sunday, July 23, 2-5pm

Tuesday, July 25, 7-9pm at Market Street School Auditorium
Cold readings.  Bring any schedule conflicts with you.  Resumes and head shots appreciated. 


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In December of 2013 RiverStage presented the musical Standing by Tammy Wynette which was well received.   

Serving as our Board of Directors:  Linda Shuck, Tom Dean, Pat Mattingly Norman, Susan Gerding, Bob Lees, Cliff Hoagland, Alicia Gibson, and Bob Baker

New Richmond, Ohio's